As well as the Japanese Tea Ceremony, we also teach students how to wear the traditional Japanese Kimono.

Wether you wish to learn the different ways and how the Kimono is worn or if you just wish to experience what it is like to step back in time and wear a traditional Japanese Kimono for an hour, we are here to help.

Perhaps you want to experience personally wearing of the traditional Japanese Kimono or you would like to invite some friends to experience this together. En Tea Culture can accomodate groups of up to ten people who can spend a full day or half day learning about how to wear the traditional Japanese Kimono and a simple introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Enjoy those photos of you and your freinds wearing these beautiful Kimonos

We also arrange corporate events at the request of our clients. Bring your team to learn how to wear the traditional Japanese Kimono. This can be an excellent team building event where each member learns how to dress the other members, as dressing in the Kimono is not something easy to do alone. Take that group photo of you all in these beautiful Japanese Kimonos as a souvenir to remember these special events

Kimono Lessons at EN Tea Culture

Corporate Events

Individual or Private Groups